Historical Highlights of Gregg Tabernacle African Methodist Episcopal Church

The founding of Gregg Tabernacle A.M.E. church originated from an idea proposed and approved by the Annual Conference in October 1930, to organize a Mission at 1118 Woodland. This location had formerly been Ward Chapel A.M.E. Church, prior to its purchasing an edifice at 22nd Prospect.

On January 6, 1929, this Mission was appointed its first pastor, Rev. H. C. Dreen , by the Presiding Bishop of the Fifth Episcopal District, Bishop John A. Gregg for who the Mission was named. Fifteen courageous men and women began the work of the Mission. During Rev. Dreen’s Pastorate, the first Trustee Board, Missionary Society and Senior Choir were organized.

1930-1934 Bishop Gregg appointed Rev. John E. Bradford under whose leadership the cornerstone was laid.

1934-Bishop Gregg appointed Rev. E. C. W. Cox who served for one year.

1935-Bishop Gregg appointed Rev. W. B. Brooks who served without a salary or class dues

1936-Bishop Noah Williams Appointed Rev. A. G. Thurman to Gregg.

1937-Bishop Williams appointed Rev. A. A. Phillips to Gregg under whose leadership the church mortgage was burned and the parsonage at 1116 Woodland was purchased.

1937-1950 Bishop D. Ormande Walker appointed Rev. E. S. Foust to Gregg. The first Layman’s Organization was formed and Bro. Albert Carter was the first president.

1950-1956 Bishop Walker appointed Rev. Paul E. Kidd to Gregg under whose leadership Gregg ceased to be a Mission. Four Hundred members were added to the church, new pews. Piano and organ were purchased and the church was air-conditioned.

1956-1959 Bishop Fredrick Jordan appointed Thereon E. Cobbs under whose leadership a parsonage at 3834 Benton was purchased and a study course for officers was introduced.

1959-1969 Bishop R. R. Wright appointed M. L. Simmons to Gregg who led the church into another edifice located at 1812 E. 37th St Street. The Angelic Choir was organized and the parsonage was remodeled.

1969-1971 Bishop Harrison J. Bryant appointed Rev. Grady R. Brown, under who leadership the church adopted a Tithing Program, organized a Youth Study and Bible Class, purchased the property north of the church to make a parking lot, and made purchases and improvements to the church and adjoining Educational Building.

1971 Bishop Bryant appointed E. B. Childress to Gregg. Under his leadership the parsonage at 7419 Harrison was purchased. A Family Activities committee was organized and special programs were held honoring mothers and fathers on their holidays.

1972-1974 Bishop Bryant appointed Rev. Joseph N. Moore to Gregg. A Youth Church was organized, a Mother-Daughter, Father –son Banquet was held each Saturday prior to the annual holidays, and 20 per cent of all church receipts was put into a savings account. Rev. Moore organized a committee to liquidate the mortgage; thirteen thousand dollars was paid toward the principle. Rev. Moore was called from labor to reward on May 6, 1976.

1974-1976 Rev. Elbert H. Cole was appointed to Gregg. Under his administration Phase II of our Mortgage Liquidation Drive was completed and the mortgage was paid in full in June, 1976.

1976-1979 Rev. Howard Gloyd was appointed to Gregg. Under his leadership more than 110 new members were added to the church and a Bus Ministry began. The sanctuary was redecorated, portions of the Educational Building were redecorated and painted, and the Sunday School revitalized. The Youth Choir reorganized a new organ was purchased.

1980-1981 Rev. E. P. Williams, Jr. transferred from the Puget Sound Conference and assigned to Gregg. Under his administration bible Class were held weekly, a new organ was purchased and a Junior Usher Board was organized. He was called to his heavenly home on May, 1981.

1981-1982 Rev. John R. Williams was appointed to Gregg and during his administration the church presented him in a concert.

1982-1983 Rev. Harvey L Vaugh was appointed to Gregg and had made many plans for the church. God called him from labor to reward in April, 1983.

1983-1984 Rev. H. Charles Farris was appointed to Gregg in May, 1983. He served one and a half years.

1984-1989 Bishop Murph appointed Rev. Milton Green to Gregg. Spiritual growth was experienced through the weekly Bible Study Classes, prayer meetings, monthly prayer breakfasts and the preaching of an uncompromised gospel. Rev. Green formed the Richard Allen Development Corporation, a new roof on the Educational Building was installed, chimney and other brick work repaired, walls plastered and repainted on the first floor and a portion of the second floor, new drapes, Venetian blinds on the first and second floors, new furniture for the pastor’s office, new P.A. System was installed, new refrigerator purchased and new uniform for Ushers and Stewardesses.

1989 Rev. W. Bartlett Finney, Sr. was Appointed to Gregg. He served one year.

1989-1993 Rev. E. P. Williams was appointed to Gregg. Under his leadership the Sunday School was greatly increased and revitalized.

1993-1994 Rev. Willie Adams was appointed To Gregg.

1994-1995 Rev. Simon Perkins was appointed to Gregg. Rev. Perkins introduced a plan to the membership that assisted them in paying their conference obligations.

1995-1996 Rev. Steve Cousin was appointed. Under his leadership Gregg was used as a site for a prison ministry.

1996- 2002 Bishop Vernon R. Byrd appointed Rev. Donna F. Roberson, who was the first female to serve Gregg. Under her administration a new copier was purchased, a new roof on the Educational Building, tiles were replaced on the sanctuary, the Lay Organization was reorganized with thirty three new members, Gregg became the site for the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Association meetings, new members training manual was introduced, a secretary was added to the staff, a new back door installed, garage painted and new door installed. This past conference year Gregg became a polling site, Girl Scout Troops were organized, and for the first time Gregg operated a Summer Camp for the children of our church and community. We “Said It and Did It With.” Rev. Donna F. Roberson was promoted to Presiding Elder of the Pacific Northwest Conference by Bishop John R. Bryant, then she moved to the State of Washington.

2002-2009 Bishop John R. Bryant appointed Rev. Stacy R. Evans to Gregg. Under her leadership a new roof was put on the church.

2009-2011 Bishop Theodore L. Kirkland appointed Rev. Cornelius N. Austin to Gregg. He served two years.

2011-2013 Bishop Theodore L. Kirkland appointed Rev. Thomas Lindon, Jr., a local deacon to Gregg. He served a year and half.

2013 –Present Bishop Theodore L. Kirkland appointed Rev. Dr. Eraina M. Ross-Aseme to Gregg on September 15, 2013. Dr. Aseme has gained a network of partners in helping move the church forward. Under Dr. Aseme’s leadership she introduced a program to payoff outstanding debt, called Adopt-A-Bill. Also, she reactivated the Class Leader System, and breakfast is now being served to the youth in Sunday School. In addition, to breakfast being served Drinking At The Well was created. It is a coffee cafe' held after Sunday School to give people a chance to fellowship before worship service while drinking coffee or a hot beverage, and consuming pastry, cereal bars and/or fruit. A new refrigerator was purchased. A new musician was hired. Also under her leadership thirty-six windows have been installed on the third floor of the education building removing boards of forty plus years. Several walls repaired: mudded, caulked, and repainted the educational building entrance way and outside building and window trimming. The finances of the church are now automated. New ministries added: Youth Outreach Ministries, Novelty Ministry and Prison Ministry. Also under the leadership of Dr. Aseme two new ceilings have been installed, two new furnaces and hot water heater purchased. The parsonage was sold and a loan dated 07/15/2004 original amount $73,500.00 was paid off five years ahead of schedule along with other indebtedness, totaling $52,000. Also a house and land next door to the church 3,732 sq. ft. was given to Gregg in December 2015. Then the following month a parcel of land 5,480 sq. ft. was donated to the church by the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Association. With these properties along with others owned by the church, plans are being made to install the West Campus parking lot in the near future. Also, a nutrition class was held for 8-weeks sponsored by Harvester's at the church, each attendee received a sack of groceries weekly. And at the conclusion of the nutrition class each received a completion certificate, a goody box and a cookbook of meals prepared during the 8-week session. In March 2016, The Wheels Ministry was introduced to the church members allowing donated cars and trucks to be granted to volunteers of the church based on earned credit. In October 2016 the GT Praise Team was created to uplift the worship experiences at Gregg. We currently offer Free Hair cuts every Wednesday at Gregg Tabernacle from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. On November 28, 2016, the Midwest Bus Company gave us a 32 passenger bus for our Soul Winning Bus Ministry. The Reno Project 2016-2017 was started December 12, 2016 to make way to host Presiding Elder Fran T. Cary's 2nd Midwest North District Conference, April 6-8, 2017! In addition, Dr. Aseme has become the Community Pastor by performing marriages, providing funerals and providing guidance to community members. Under the leadership of Dr. Aseme the blessings continue to come! Dr. Aseme is a go-getter she obtained a Commercial Driver's License on February 2, 2017. Therefore on March 7, 2017 a dear friend of Dr. Aseme's donated her 2001 Ford Taurus SE 4-door Sedan to Gregg's Transportation ministry! Gregg Tabernacle hosted the Second Midwest North District Conference for Presiding Elder Fran T. Cary! Both restrooms in the lower level of the educational building have been renovated; installed porcelain tile flooring and power coated aluminium partitions. Due to the overcrowded of the attendees of Ivanhoe Neighborhood Summer Youth program 2017, Gregg was asked to housed learning to play musical instruments for youth every Thursday in June 2017! Due to Hurricane Harvey the church gathered toiletries and sent to sister church in San Antonio in support September 2017. In November 2017 H.U.D. approached Gregg to utilize the education building for information tenants of the status to relocate! On December 17, 2017, the teenagers of the Sunday School at Gregg Tabernacle prepared 24 Blessing Bags to give to the Homeless, the zip locked gallon bags included: 2 (8 oz.) bottles of water, thick socks, breakfast bar, Granola bar, hard candy, oatmeal, hot cocoa, wet wipes, a postcard about Gregg, encouragement card and a list of resources! On January 7, 2018 a new musician was added to the Music Team to enhance the Praise & Worship at 10:30 a.m. an half-hour before the 11:00 a.m. Worship Experience on Sunday morning!  On November 17, 2018 Gregg Tabernacle served nearly 200 people at the first Community Turkey Dinner.  Plans are underway to start a Day Care and Summer Camp in 2019! Also Dr. Aseme has a Vision (2019) to create Business Lofts on the 4,000 square ft. space on the third floor in the Education Building next to the church. It will have an occupancy capacity of leasing 2,800 sq. ft. including common space usage such as: conference room, kitchette and restrooms. The core business attractions are an accounting firm, law firm and construction company along with one or two other leasing tenants. In fact one organization has claimed space to lease of the Vision. Blueprints showcasing the Vision are being donated at a value of $1000.00.


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Mission and Goals

Year Three – PENTECOST

Season of Spiritual Renewal/Revival

Themes: The Great Commission; The Pentecost Event; Paul’s Missionary Enterprise; Seeking the Lost; Intentional about Evangelism

Logo: Flame

Color scheme: Red


Goals and Objectives:


Stabilize - Finances, Health

Televise - Increase media presence

Evangelize - Go out & tell others the Good News

Mobilize - Call the masses together

Come and join me at Drinking At The Well, a coffee cafe' every Sunday morning after Sunday School, 10:25 a.m. - 10:40 a.m. at Gregg Tabernacle

Ms. Annie Smith, Director

Drinking At The Well

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Bishop Clement W. Fugh, our new bishop of the Fifth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

The Quadrennial Calendar “A Holy Nation” 2017-18

Theme: Restoring the Temple Order Roles of Priest, Prophets, Pastors, Deacons, Lay (Lagos); Regard for the HOLY-House and things

Scripture: Acts 6:2-8; Ephesians 4:11-14

Logo: Candle

Color scheme: White


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Mrs. Alexia Butler Fugh, our new epsicopal supervisor of the Fifth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

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